Journaling Prompts for Beginners

In this post you will find journaling prompts to the close of the year, crafted with beginners in mind.

The end-of-the-year and winter are upon us, which makes this a great time for introspective journaling. The intention is to reflect, assess, and think about the evolutionary growth that we’ve experienced this year.

I’ve put together a list of journal prompts to get you started and guide you as you reach into the wholeness and gain clarity from this past year.

On a personal note, journaling is a sacred ritual.  I like to do my best when I can to prepare the environment for enlightenment. I love making my favorite drink of choice depending on what my soul needs. From ceremonial cacao to herbal teas. I also light a candle or burn insenses, play beautiful healing music that inspires gratitude in which I then begin the wonderful journey within.  All of this is not needed of course, but it can help make it more meaningful and special to you.

So with that being said, pull out your favorite journal and pen, and let’s begin this real-time journaling session together. (Watch the video below to join me!)

Woman holding a journal and notebook.

Watch our latest video, below! Journaling for beginners!

“What feels like an end, is often a new beginning.”

Journaling for beginners

Journaling tips to remember:

  • It doesn’t have to be “beautiful” or “aesthetic” | Our personal writings are often an expression of our heart and truthfully, sometimes it’s messy! So don’t be afraid to be sloppy, messy, wild, careless, and FREE! Make mistakes and forget about grammar!
  • Before jumping into writing your response to a prompt, take a few seconds (or whatever you feel needed) to sit with the feeling that arises from the question/prompt.
  • Do not judge what arises. Every single feeling and emotion is VALID! Your journal is a safe place to release and move energy from your body. Simply observe what comes up.
  • Answers don’t have to be lengthy. A simple acknowledgment from the feelings within that come to the surface can really create a major change in our way of thinking and seeing the world.

Woman sitting on her desk about to journal. Journaling for beginners     Desk set up of a writting session. Journaling for beginners

Save or print out these journal prompts to have them ready for your next journaling session. 

A list of journal prompts to close of the year. Journaling for beginners

I hope this post inspired more journaling time whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro.

This is one of my favorite healing modalities because of the simplicity, but yet powerful way to gain clarity and wisdom. These prompts were created with the intention to help you reflect and set the proper intentions so you can start the new year with purposeful energy.


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Have a blessed new year!





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