Winter Wonderland

Mammoth Lakes

I love nature; that’s no secret. So I was over the moon excited to hear that my hubby wanted to take a trip up north to ski. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant so that I couldn’t participate in that activity, but honestly, I’m not a fan of that sport just yet. Last year I took lessons to learn, and when it was time to get into it and ski down this HUGE mountain, I fell the whole way through. I know once I get the hang of it I am going to love it because just being up in a mountain so high that is completely covered in powdered snow is a sight to see and experience while skiing down the slopes.

My little sister Wendy came with us on this trip, and we had the BEST time sistering. We went to the spa, hung out at the house while the boys were skiing, we talked, and just bonded.

At night we would make dinner and then watch a movie. It was the most relaxing trip I’ve had in a long time because there was no agenda to follow. Just wake up and chill. We also started reading “The Butterfly Experience” by Karen Whitelaw Smith. It was the perfect book to kick off the new year for self-discovery. I highly recommend it.

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I searched the internet high and low for this faux fur teddy bear coat but could not find a similar one that was of great quality and under $150. I found a few similar options on Amazon, but honestly, the material looked so cheap that I wouldn’t dare recommend them. I hope Shop Akira restocks them for next year because it was a show stopper!




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  1. Monika wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, make-up, manicure and photos! 🙂

    Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  2. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Posted 1.25.20 Reply
  3. Michelle Miller wrote:

    Great Pictures! I am a writer and just came by this blog of yours while researching for some topic to write about. And I’m amazed. All the best!

    Posted 2.2.20 Reply

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