One thing that is for certain is that I dress according to my mood. I have been feeling (like they say) “spiritually gangsta” because I am in the midst of a massive transformation in my life, a metamorphosis so to speak. I will dedicate a post on here or on a  YouTube video in the near future to discuss this awakening with more detail. I have so much to share with you ladies.  With that being said, I discovered this AMAZING brand that caters to a part of me that I have neglected.  BellaDona is my teenage DREAM! I have so much respect for the chola subculture in our LatinX community. I grew up admiring these women because not only did they have incredible style, but they always stood for something greater than themselves.

When I was a teen in the early 2000s, you could find me in my room listening to Chicano Rap artists like Lil’ Cuete, Mr. Knightowl, NB Ridaz (Nasty Boy Click),  Mr. Capone (fun fact, Mr. Capone asked me to be in one of his music videos onces), Lil’ Rob,  Mr. Criminal,  Mr. Shadow and my fave: Ms. Sancha! Man, I use to bump all her music and lip sync to all those dirty lyrics about sex, lol. I also dated nothing but cholos growing up  and would check out lowrider shows as often as my Dad would allow me to go out. *sigh*, I miss those days!  Anyway, I say all this to say that BellaDona took me back to my upbringing.

Also, this is not a sponsored post by any means, but I feel that it is VITAL that we as brown people support other small businesses operated by members of our community. No one else is going to do it, so we have to help and support each other. Show some love! xx

Shirt: Bella Donna | Shorts: American Apparel | Shoes: EGO | Bag: Celine




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