First Outfit, Post Baby

Hi, my loves!
It feels so good to be back on my blog with a new and improved outfit of the day! The big news here (if you don’t follow me on other platforms) is that I had a baby boy five months ago. How my little Aaron is almost six months now blows my mind because I literally feel like I just gave birth.  I truthfully thought that I would be healed by now, but I am still recovering physically from my pregnancy and c-section delivery. All of a sudden, have arthritis! Did any of my Moms experience this after baby? I wake up in the middle of the night with my hands stuck as if I were clawing my way out of a hole.
I also turned 33 years young this past August, leading to a major metamorphosis of both my physical body and my mind. I’ve adapted an extensive new lifestyle which consists of waking up at 5 Am to work out  6 times a week (just killed 6 weeks of 10 Round of boxing via BeachBody), eating clean (with one or two cheat meals. I currently crave pizza every Friday!), drinking lemon water and celery juice first thing in the AM, time devoted for introspective and spiritual time, and lots of GOAL crushing!
There’s more to share, but I’ll leave that to a “Life Update” YouTube vlog coming up!

Today, I wanted to share this OOTD, like old times.

This one is special to me in the sense that it’s the first photoshoot my hubby and I attempted to do after having Aaron. Babies require so much attention that I didn’t know how to shoot content for my blog when breastfeeding and pumping full time. Thankfully, we have Izek, the BEST big brother to Aaron, so he helped us out a lot.

We pulled up to our favorite location to escape the city, get fresh air and solitude. It felt so good to disconnect, especially since Izek is behind a screen most of the day because of distance learning.

We put the car in “Camp Mode,” and Jesse and I started shooting as fast as we could because we knew we only had about 10 minutes before his big bro would no longer entertain Aaron.

I went into this shoot feeling optimistic and not expecting anything, but a fun time attempting to capture fashion content out in nature with my boys. I have to say; this approach was splendid! We got some of my all-time favorite shots! (Thank you, hubby!)

I told Jesse, “The mood: Editorial, but make it quick.” lol.

Little by little, we are starting to get a hold of a routine that works to incorporate things into our life pre-baby.

ZARA dress and Bag with XIXI earrings

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