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Hello, beauties! Today I am so excited to share with all of you the cutest bags and shoes that I recently found.  As some of you can tell, I’ve been having so much fun with fashion and I have to say that these accessories are to blame.

Enjoy the HAUL!

My favorite shoes, bags, and sunglasses:





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Comments (3)

  • Avatar Olivia Reynoso   |  

    Hi just saw you video, shoes, bags, and sunglasss. Love the color blue on you so nice!!! Since you mention that you’re petite. Am also petite and I’m not very confidence in my petite skinny body. I hardly and also try to avoid the mirror to not look at my body. And I see you have full of confidence with your body. I don’t wear much in fashion am more in pjs and sweat pants girl all day everyday, do dress casual but hate it because I feel too skinny. What can I do to feel good and feel better with my body and feel good in fashions?? Oh I’m 30 years old and yes I wear pjs and sweats at this age.

  • Avatar Monika   |  

    I like your white plain sandals, anana bag and dark sunnies! 🙂

  • Avatar Paola Mendez   |  

    Absolutely love your fashion hauls! Anything fashion, hair, makeup! You were the first I started following over 5 years ago! My fav!😘💜💖💜💖 Don’t stop!❤️😘

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