Hello, my lovelies!

Wow!! It has been a CRAZY week for me! I’m in the midst of producing and starring on a new show with my homegirls for Facebook Watch, and I cannot wait for these episodes to go live next month. This is my first time producing an actual show, so I am making mistakes, but that’s the beauty of learning. Making errors excites me because I know that I am only improving.

With that being said, I was inspired by my girl Yoli’s sporty chic style. I don’t know about you guys, but my friends inspire me, from the way I talk to the way I dress!  The people around us have so much influence on us that we have to be mindful and choose the people that are in our lives carefully. I recently had to distance myself from a person who I thought wanted my friendship, but instead wanted the opportunities I could provide. All I ask is to keep it real and approach me for what it is. Is it business a friendship or both? Is that too much to ask? I am hurt over it, BUT I believe that every experience good or bad is happening for my greater good! So this was/is a blessing.

Stud heels |Sweater: Miss Lola | Pants: PLT | Earrings: Zara

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