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I’ve been shopping in my closet for several months now, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I took on this goal because I became aware of how I was excessively and compulsively shopping out of boredom. It became a problem when I once again accumulated a lot of stuff that I never wore. Plus, most importantly, the pollution I was causing the experiment for my selfish desire of “fast fashion.”  My goal was to make it till the end of the year without buying clothes, but having that I am 7 weeks pregnant, my body is changing, so that has to change. Believe it or not, a few things don’t fit anymore like leggings and tights because they are too tight around my stomach, which hurts and feels quite restricting.

I am, however, a conscious consumer now, and I think about how my choice to spend will effect our environment.  I’ve discovered so many great eco-friendly and conscious brands that will now make their way into my closet in the future when I need something.




Blouse:: Mango | Pants:: Free People | Shoes: Public Desire | Bag:: Vintage from Italy | Earrings:: Target?

The look is sold out, but I found very similar options if you would like to recreate this look!




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