Hola, Bellas!

Tomorrow (Sep 13) is my pregnancy test to check if our little embryo successfully implanted. Tomorrow is also a full moon which means that my period would arrive having that I am 100% synced up with the full moon energy. I have been getting a lot of cramping, which makes me wonder if my period is coming, but they feel different. I don’t know!!! I just want to know the results already!

Something else that is different is that I am FULL of energy and super happy! Usually around this time is when I need to retreat to my lion’s den to recharge, yet here I am feeling the opposite entirely. This is giving me hope that tomorrows test will come back positive.

I also cannot wait for the Let There Be Luz “Night of the Goddess” event which is happening tomorrow!  I already have a beautiful, long and flowy white dress! I know the night will be transformational.

Part of my intention for tomorrow is to remain grounded. The rest of the month is packed with AMAZING opportunities which means I have to continue this extroverted energy throughout without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

I can’t wait to share everything, but I’ll have to wait until it’s completed to announce it!

Let’s talk about this look.

I have to say that I felt super stylish today! While the look is everyday casual, it’s still made me feel and look put together! Do you guys ever have days in which you want to blend in and not call any attention to yourself, so you wear something cute but not necessarily distinctive, well today was not one of those days. Lol. Trust me, though, I have many of them. Like I’ve always said, I dress according to my mood and today was and still is a great day!

Here are my faves!



Head to toe: Zara

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