Hola, Hola. Buenos Dias!

How are you guys doing today?! I hope everything is going well and you’re having an incredible week! I’m still trying to come down from the vacation high, lol. These photo’s below where taken by my best friend and sister Wendy. We wanted to spend some alone time with the ocean and search for cute rocks and seashells to bring back home. Wendy and I  had so much fun just enjoying the ocean water, the waves, and the little fish swimming in the shallow areas, there is magic in every little corner!

This is one of my favorite casual and cute looks that I wore. I love that its nude with gold accents. I blended in perfectly with my environment. Isn’t that the goal?

Picked up these beautiful stones to bring back and place in my alter since they are full of ocean energy!

Shell Dangle Earrings: Free People  | Necklace: Free People | Headband: Cult Gaia | Shoes: Dolce Vita



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