Aloha kakahiaka (good morning)

This is one the first of several outfits that I will be sharing from our recent spring break vacation to the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii.

I love the life I live and I would never want to escape it, but it feels wonderful to disconnect from our usual daily routine which consists of many appointments and things to do that last all week. I am not a fan of “routines”, but there’s no way around them when you’re a parent sometimes. So it’s pure bliss to live a week with no commitments and just wake up to purely relax and enjoy the day.

While is still “worked” because I was capturing and creating content all week long, I still had an amazing and relaxing time because I truly enjoy what I do and I look forward to expressing my creativity.

I would wake up around 5:30 AM every morning partly because Hawaii time is 3 hours behind L.A. time, but also because the sunrise was breathtaking. I loved grabbing a coffee and heading down to the beach with my journal at hand to ponder and reflect on life by myself. Being surrounded by the beauty that God created is such an amazing way to start the day. It really sets the tone for how I am going to feel for the rest of my day. I realized how vital it is for me to have alone time with my thoughts. I never realized how important this need for me to connect was until I noticed that I am not true and grounded self without it. And maybe that is why back at home it’s so easy for me to lose touch with myself because I disconnect so easily. I often times jump straight into my to-do list with such a rush, but where the fuck am I rushing to? really? Why do we live life with such urgency?

Life is what you make it. This is my new life motto. The life we live is depended upon us. Depended on our thoughts. Depended on our actions.

I have decided to be mindful and grateful for every moment, every second of my life. This is not the first time I realized this, but I often have to remind myself. Life is good, baby.

Dress: Forever 21 | Bag: Zara | Earrings: Amazon | Shoes

This was my everyday bronze Goddess look!

Watch me get ready in Hawaii!

Stay tuned for more!!!



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