Hello, to all of my beautiful  QUEENS!

I’m going to be doing major focus on “petite style” on the blog. As some of you may know, I am 4’9″ and PROUD! Had to add proud in there because there are tons of people who point out my height as if sucks beings tiny. I’m also a LEO who feels strong and powerful regardless of my stature because since I was a young girl, my dad always tought me to walk with my head held high. So to be honest with you, I never noticed my height until I joined the U.S. Army and this one particular drill sargeant called me Lil’ Bit. Also when people meet me for the first time they ALWAYS say, “OMG! You’re so short!” I’m sure they mean no harm, but I don’t think the obvious should be pointed out.

I’ve also received a lot of e-mails through out the decade of petite women like myself asking for advice on how to dress and most importantly, how to embrace their tiny, but mighty frame. I also know that shopping can be hard because almost NOTHING fits within proportions. Even clothing brands who cater to petite women completly miss the mark on women 5″ and under.  So I do find myself spending a lot of money on tailoring and alterations.


I found this gorgeous dress at Bloomingdale’s last week and fell in love with the lemon print and ruffle details that makes this look refreshing and feminine.

Style tip:

  • Avoid chunky booties that can “cut” you leggs off making them appear shorter.
  • wear nude/gold heels which will elongate the legs.
  • Look for dress styles with a subtle asymetrical hem line like this one. I pulled the fabric from the front just a bit over the tie on the waist to show more leg!

I  paired this dress with gold strappy heels from Zara for brunch and then switched out to nude flat sandals to pick up Izek from school since I do a lot of walking.

Dress: Lost and Wonder | Bag: Cult Gai | Shoes: Zara (similar for $) | Earrings

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