It Feels Good to Be Back!

Hi, beauties!

Today’s post is a special one because it marks the return of my blog. I have been waiting for this moment for YEARS! Why years you ask? Well, because I, unfortunately, came across many “web designers” a.k.a  “scammers” who took THOUSANDS of dollars from me, and in the midst of all of that not only did they not develop my site, I also lost 8 YEARS of content. Word of advice: Please make sure you do thorough research on the web designers before you hand over your hard-earned money.  Anyway, I do see this experience as a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to take a few years off to feel inspired and refreshed. So this in a way is a “comeback” for me. You can check out my “About Me” if you’re a new reader!

I am going to be blogging about my style, trips that I take with my lovely little family, Cafe Con Dulce videos, beauty reviews, home decor, and more! So let’s kick it off with a good ol’ outfit of the day!

I want to send a special thanks to the design team who developed and designed my website just as I envisioned it. I am so grateful for all of the hard work that went into my blog. THANK YOU!


I wore this outfit out for lunch with my dear friend Flor De Maria. My girl is always slayin’ and stylish so you know I had to bring it to her.  I love the soft color palette of the olive green and shades of white because it makes it look fresh. I also learned that the key to making a look appear “effortless” is by sticking to 3 colors or less.  Oh, and the shoes, THE SHOES honey are surprisingly comfortable too! I wore them for about 2 hours of shopping at Costco!




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  1. Vanessa wrote:

    Dulce, ¡Felicidades! Your new website looks beautiful and I love your new logo. I am sorry you were let down by your former web designers. Thank you for your advice. Sending you all the positive vibes during your new journey! xoxo Vanessa

    Posted 4.13.18 Reply
  2. Yuri wrote:

    YASSSSS im so happy you are back!! I miss going to your blogspot blog back in the day and seeing your “outfit of the day” posts. To me you are truly an inspiration! You were the one who first and foremost made an impact in my life and inspired me to do fashion blogging. Before all the others, you were the one blogger i followed first. ♥ God bless you Dulce! Keep up the great work!

    Posted 4.13.18 Reply
  3. Nina Alvarado wrote:

    So happy you are blogging again! The outcome of the design is so chic and cute! Amen a blessing in disguise indeed I can tell your whole energy is so different in your videos as well so positive and uplifting. I’m pumped!

    Posted 4.13.18 Reply
  4. Louise Sharpy wrote:

    I am new to this site and i just love you and the style. Your outfits and blogs are way cool and your so pretty. Can’t wait to learn more and see more !!

    Posted 4.13.18 Reply
  5. Monika wrote:

    Love your vest, hat and pics! 🙂

    Posted 4.15.18 Reply
  6. Alicia Mendsey wrote:

    Oh my Dulce! Sorry to hear that you lost 8 years of content. Glad you started back blogging. Years ago, I would regularly visit your blog. I like your Youtube channel too and have commented several times.

    Posted 4.15.18 Reply
    • Dulce Candy wrote:

      Thank you so much for watching my channel,too!!

      Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  7. Sandra Fernandez wrote:

    Welcome back!

    Posted 4.15.18 Reply
  8. Ayanna wrote:

    These pictures give me all of vibes I felt when I first discovered you TEN years ago! So happy you are back! I literally lived for your fashion posts when I first discovered you! I still remember my favorite outfit post with the black lace bodysuit and moschino belt 👯‍♀️

    Posted 4.17.18 Reply
    • Dulce Candy wrote:

      Omg,I remember that outfit!! Way before I had my Izek. Thank you for supporting me through all these years. We’ve both grown a lot!

      Posted 4.17.18 Reply
  9. Alysa wrote:

    Yay I am so happy you’re back! I love seeing your OOTDs! I love your style!

    Posted 4.18.18 Reply
  10. Carol wrote:

    Welcome back! I’m so happy you started blogging again! Been following you since you started. Sending blessing! And keep up the amazing work you’re such an inspiration!

    Posted 4.19.18 Reply
  11. Hafsa wrote:

    Aw I had wondered where your old content had gone! I loved your old outfit of the day posts you used to put up back in like 2010. I tried finding it again but couldn’t. So glad to see you back!

    Posted 5.26.18 Reply

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