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I have come to love each and every season for what it has to offer. As we end summer and head towards fall, I am looking forward to this new season of reflection of what all took place these past several months. One of the biggest things in my life has been that we started IVF treatment and finally had our BEAUTIFUL embryo transferd this past Thursday. This coming Friday is my pregnancy test!! We are so excited, but also a bit anxious about the results. I know that whatever the tests comes back saying is what God has in store for us. Gods plans are always greaters than our own. I’ve come to accept that fully now.

Oh, I have several videos on my Youtube channel of the updates in regards to UVF if you guys want to check them out.

Anyway, I miss blogging! It’s just so different now, but I love the feeling of writting to you through this blog about fashion because it’s always been something I am passionate about. The morning is cloufy and kind of cold so I am in my bed with a cup of decaf coffee and blogging. It reminds me of the good ol’ days.


I’ve always been a fan of Revolve so when they reached out to me to collaborate, you know I was so excited about it! One of my favorite brands they carry is Majorelle. They always design the cutest dresses! I wear a lot of them for events.

I picked this one out because God willing I get pregnant, this will be the cutest dress for my bump. It’s flowy and so comfy!  I wore it yesterday to pick up Izek from school and to do a bit of fall home decor shopping. Video on that coming soon!

Here are also a few different options of some of my favorite end of yellow summer dresses!

Dress:: Majorelle via Revolve | Bag:: & Other Stories (sold out) | Shoes:: Dolce Vita | Jewelry:: XIXI

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