It’s been a while since I’ve glammed up during the week. I am nearing my 3rd trimester and I’m starting to lack the energy that was pulsating through my body in abundance during the 2nd trimester.

I’ve been planning my days in so much detail now…and I mean detail….hour by hour for the entire day. It’s been helping me so much because I can plan my day around my energy levels. 7 AM- 2 PM is the golden time where I have to get it the most difficult tasks of my day because after 2 PM, I am done and ready for a nap.

With that being said, I planned accordingly I was able to shoot a few pics of one of my favorite looks that I’ve worn during my pregnancy.  A brand called Bump-Biddy (such a cute name) sent me this very generous package with so many cute and classy looks that I can’t wait to share more of here on my blog! I hope you enjoy!

xx, Dulce

2 piece set:: Bump-Biddy | Bag: Cult Gia | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Earrings: XIXI

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