Happy Monday!!

The beauty of a new day is that it’s a fresh beginning. The past is long gone and when we wake up in the morning we are blessed with the opportunity to try again.

Never give up on yourself.

You are worth it!!

I am so excited to get back on track with my work out routine, guys!  I took about a month off because of the In Vitro medications which only lasted about 2 weeks, but then like it always happens, I spiral down for a few weeks of unhealthy eating but here I am, trying again. As the saying goes, “You only fail if you quit.”

  I am starting day 1 of the 21 Day Fix through the Beach Body app. I absolutely loved the 60 Day Obsession so I am giving this one a try since it’s with the same trainer.

I am also blogging from my home office today and brainstorming content ideas for the rest of April and May!!! I am going to be focusing on inner work which I am so passionate about researching!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your week!


I bought this gorgeous 2 pieces set in a cute little boutique in Maui. The tag on it says “Faithful the Brand”, but I cannot find anywhere on their website or anywhere for that matter. I loved this look because it was so cute but also quite comfortable. I wore this out for lunch, but I could definitely also wear it for dinner on the island.

I am also wearing these super cool new sandals by Loeffler Randall that have a unique metal circle design to the heel. Love them! I am so into them!




peace and love



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