The rain in L.A. has been pouring for days now and I’m truly enjoying it.  I love driving down the 101 N and seeing how the hills have turned green with life because of the much-needed water.

Today I did something unorthodox. I wore ALL black. Trust me, I was tempted to add a pop of color with either a bright pink lipstick or a hot pink bag at the very least. Since my mentality has been to do the opposite of everything I usually do, I went ahead and embraced this new look.

To my surprise, I LOVED it! There’s something so chic and classy about an all-black look. It’s easy to put together and it will never fail you.

Are you a colorful or all black type of person?

Comment below!

Beanie: Armada | Sweater: Victoria’s Secret (similar $26)| Leggings: Spanx | Shoes: Lulu’s | Bag: Celine

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