Last Days Of Summer 2019

Even though summer is ending, I’ll still be able to get away with wearing summer dresses according to this gorgeous L.A. weather that I wouldn’t…

A Mood

Oh, the lost files. There are tons of blog posts that I have yet to publish. This was one of my favorite looks from earlier…

Polka Dots

Hola, Bellas! Tomorrow (Sep 13) is my pregnancy test to check if our little embryo successfully implanted. Tomorrow is also a full moon which means…

Rainbow Dress

Hola Bellas! This rainbow dress has been hanging in my closet for a few months now. I had been waiting for the perfect occasion to…


My name is Dulce Candy. I'm a Momma of two little boys, a wife, & and a soul-centered creator from sunny Los Angeles. If you're someone who loves personal growth, living their BEST life possible, turning their DREAMS into a reality, and looking fly while doing so, then you're in the right place! Welcome, chicas!

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