After a long and busy week full of meetings and social events, my body signaled to me through little feelings of depression and nightmares that it was time for a break. We never just up and go in the middle of a “work” week, but I was not about to fall into a deep black hole because of “work”. The old me would have ignored all of those signals and then wonder why I was suddenly depressed. (I’ve battled that mental disease since the age of 12).

I told my husband, Jesse how I was feeling that Tuesday morning and he suggested we would go on a hike. I was ecstatic! Mother nature removes ALL feelings of depression (personally speaking).

I went back to my office to finish up a few things I had to do when he came in and told me that we should go on a little “staycation”  to a resort in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I was surprised because it was Tuesday, but I was also so happy that I was going to have two days to reconnect with myself, God, and my family!

I instantly started packing, and we made our way to paradise!




I am a huge fan of Eva Mendes and her line for New York and Company since the conception of her clothing line. I have been wearing her classy dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories since then. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard Eva wanted to send me a few of her new styles! She’s always showing so much love and support!

I took her Cameron White Stripe Maxi dress on this little vacation because it was perfect for the occasion; comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear!

I’ll be featuring a few more styles on the blog, so stay tuned!

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