These past few weeks have been calm and peaceful, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Life can become hectic and busy real quick (especially with Izek back in school & baseball season starting), but for some odd reason, I haven’t been stressed out over anything. I believe it’s because I’ve adapted a new mentality of “accepting things for what they are and being okay with it” which is vital for me at this time so that my little embryo successfully implants.  Right now (and always) has been a #DRAMAFREE life!

Luckily, I have an AMAZING husband who has been supporting me through ALL of my needs, desires, and mood swings!+ a great team who understands the need for space and tranquility through this incredible IVF journey.

So with that being said I have made time for blogging again! I love styling outfits, shooting pics with the Hubbs, editing the photos, and sharing them with all of you through my blog. I hope you guys enjoy it, too.

Life is great, chicas!

I love feeling like a lady (depending on my mood) and this skirt and the top combination makes me feel just that. I picked it up at ChicWish several months back and loved how versatile it can be. This day I wore it with heels (perfect look a meeting I have tomorrow), but I can see myself wearing it with a white tee and a front knot paired with clean white sneakers for my “mom-on-the-go” look.

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