A trip to Big Bear did the soul good. I am so grateful that my husband, Jesse encouraged us to go on a little get-a-way before Izek goes back to school next week. I didn’t really want to go because I was stressing out about packing. Such an insignificant thing to stress over, right? But I do have to say that I am getting better at nipping negative vibes where they start. I’ve learned that our feelings are a CHOICE. So while I chose to feel stressed out, I also made the conscious choice to switch that thought pattern to an exciting one that brought on happy feelings instead.

It’s okay to feel bad emotions, the problem comes when we feed into them and give them power. Having that I also believe I am (and you are, too) an Alchemist, I (we) can choose how to live my (our) live(s). How powerful! There’s definitely a learning lesson in everything. BTW, I recommend you read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho if you haven’t yet.

Our first time skiing!

Boy was this a mission, but so much fun!

Big Bear Lake is only 2 hours away from L.A. I can’t believe that I’ve never made it a point to visit this amazing little town. The mountains are lined with various types of pine trees for us to enjoy, clean crisp air gracing the skin that I eagerly breath in as I think about how much life force is filling up my body. The healing it provides on a cellular level is another story.

Having that we live in “The Matrix”, it is vital for my family and me to disconnect and ground ourselves once again with mother nature. I feel like the more time is passing and the more immersed we are with technology, the more we long to feel connected again. If you’re feeling out of balance, just step outside and go for a mindful walk. That’s what I love doing when I’m working from home and I’m behind the computer screen for most of the day.

It’s 11:11 as I type this up. These numbers serve as an affirmation that this message no matter how “small” needs to be published on my blog. It’s nothing new, but maybe there’s someone out there reading this right now who feels more inspired to embrace nature instead of embracing our phones. Let’s go back to connecting with our roots.

Pink coat: Sold Out (similar)| Leggins: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Beanie: Old Navy


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Comments (4)

  • Avatar Monika   |  

    Fantastic photos, make-up and outfit. 🙂 Love your pink parka!

  • Avatar Tina T Nguyen   |  

    Can you please do a post/video on the best booties you recommend for short/petite girls? I’ve been really struggling to find the perfect pair

  • Avatar Barbara   |  

    Love you message in this post, about disconnecting from technology and connecting with nature. It is something we all need these days, I think. Thank you for sharing… we are hoping to go to Big Bear in the coming weeks too! We will share it on our blog: http://www.LaVidaisBelle.com

  • Avatar Patsy Solano   |  

    Oh my so much I have to say about this post. I guess I’ll start with the fashion becaus that’s why I came to you and it’s no wonder that parka is sold its to die!! These days I love a good parka but yours is serving “All I Have ” JLO vibes , so here for it. Those boots are also super quirky unique and fun!!

    Now the snow looks so beautiful, I’ve been wanting to go to the snow for years , my family and I say we’re going every Christmas and never get around to it. What an amazing way to finish Izeks Vaca!


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