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  1. Anahi wrote:

    I’m Going through a hard time and i was thinking about journaling and suddenly your video Popped up and i found what i really need in it i hope i get better with this ,i’ve following you for years dulce and i relate so much with you. Gracias bonita sigue con tu trabajo, you’re an inspiration

    Posted 2.9.19 Reply
  2. Jacqueline S. wrote:

    Thank you for these journal prompts. I will definitely use them. I feel that they will help me focus my thoughts when I’m writing in my journal.

    Posted 2.9.19 Reply
  3. Monika wrote:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Posted 2.9.19 Reply
  4. Joann Foster wrote:

    Thank you for sharing ❤

    Posted 2.9.19 Reply
  5. Amanda Reyes wrote:

    So inspiring and helpful! Love your videos and your journey! Xox

    Posted 2.9.19 Reply
  6. Gricelda Jimenez wrote:

    Hi Dulce thank you so much for this! I am currently going to therapy and journaling has really helped. I love these prompts is it possible for you to have it as a pdf that we can download and print? I would love to attach it to my journal.

    Posted 2.11.19 Reply
  7. Estephany Martinez wrote:

    You are the absolute best Dulce. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and everything that has helped you become the beautiful soul you are. You come at a great time when I need this type of guidance in my life. Being in my early twenties is not as fun as I thought it would be but you give me hope that it’ll get better or that I can do better. Thank you so much for sharing these writing prompts that I was most in need of.

    Posted 2.11.19 Reply
  8. Vanya Minkova wrote:

    Hi Dulce, in the past couple of hours i focused myself on your videos and i can’t even realize how much they made me feel stronger and healthier emotionally. I’m struggling with my inner peace and doesn’t matter that I’m 35, I’m trying to find myself every single day. I love the topics that you concern in your videos really useful and natural presented. Hugs

    Posted 2.18.19 Reply

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