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I know first hand how difficult the first trimester can be. From morning sickness, lack of energy, headaches, or just simply not feeling like yourself, the first few weeks can seem eternal. Well, there are a few things that we can do on a daily basis that makes this time more enjoyable as we eagerly wait for our second trimester. Here is a list of my top favorite things that made life easier.

  1. Tei-Fu Oil
  2. Tarte Youth or Dare Multi-Acid & C-Serum
  3. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil
  4. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil
  5. Belly Bandit& Thighs Disguise Maternity Shorts
  6. Motherhood& Maternity Compression Maternity Leggings
  7. Pregnancy Pillow

Check out my NEW video below for an in-depth look at my faves!


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