5 Ways Reading Changed My Life

I’ve become an avid reader for the past 3 years now. I can say with confidence that this new powerful activity that I’ve implemented in my life has been life-changing, to say the least. Here are 5 Ways in which reading has empowered me and changed me for the better.

1. Becoming an Independent Thinker

Probably the greatest quality that I’ve developed from reading was that I became an independent thinker. I have to admit that I was a sheep. I followed the crowd and I relied heavily on other people’s opinions of the world to influence my own views of life.

The choice to not read brought on ignorance. Reading opened my world in ways that I would have never imagined. I began to question everything in my life. I no longer gullibly believe anyone without first doing my own research. I form my own opinions. I have a broader view of the world.

As a young girl, I wasn’t taught to think freely. So I was easily influenced by the world and people around me. This is why I am so passionate about teaching my son to question everything in this world.

2. Confidence When Speaking

This is another major quality that improved after immersing myself in books. My vocabulary and writing have expanded tremendously. I use to be self-conscious about my speaking abilities because I had a hard time articulating my thoughts properly.

I am not a gifted orator, so whenever I have speaking engagements I have to work extra hard to make sure I am prepared. A few months ago, I had an on-camera interview that I participated in and surprised myself in the way that I spoke with ease and confidence. Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress you’re making until it’s showtime! The interviewer even compliments me on how eloquently I spoke. She had no idea that I have been working hard on becoming a better speaker, so this was a major compliment to me.

3. Readers Are Leaders

I believe Tony Robbins coined the phrase “Readers are Leaders” and I couldn’t agree more.  As an active member of the U.S. Army, I struggled heavily with leadership skills. Reading empowered me in becoming a better version of myself through the various books that I’ve read in self-improvement.

One of the reasons I made reading and learning something new an everyday goal is because I needed to be more knowledgeable in my field so I am able to lead my team with confidence. I remember the days in where I would be in board meetings with people of high caliber when I was publishing my first book, and I felt like I didn’t belong there. I didn’t feel like my intelligence was up to their level. That was a defining moment for me because I didn’t like the feeling of not being intellectually good enough to conduct business.

I am so grateful that reading has changed me completely. I have always belonged, it was just up to me to believe that I did.

4. Constant Paradigm Shifts

I am addicted! Addicted to reading and experiencing paradigm shifts. Seeing the world in a way that I never saw it before. Living my life with more richness, more excitement, more awareness, has been so liberating for me. I feel like I was trapped inside my mind with harmful ideas of what I thought the world was. There is so much out there that I am not aware of yet and I am on a mission to learn and evolve as much as I can while I am here on earth.

I want to teach what I learn to the world. Teaching what I am learning is my passion.

Society has its rules in place and we are supposed to follow them. Not anymore. I am passionate about breaking those rules and living life on my own terms!

5. Purpose

My purpose for reading and learning every day is so I can become a better version of myself on a daily basis. Going within and working on myself has been the best thing that I HAVE EVER DONE in my life because bettering myself has made me a better Mom, a better wife, a better sister, daughter, friend, businesswoman, and Youtuber.

I work hard because I want to offer you my best. I want you to feel inspired to work on yourself so you can see that there is so much magic within you that has yet to be discovered. We are filled with infinite possibilities. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I am passionate about learning and expanding as a human being. And I can’t wait to see where this takes me and you!!! So get excited because life is about to get interesting.

Now I want to hear from you! In the comment section, please share one way in which reading has changed your life for the better! I can’t wait to read them and feel inspired!

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